Seeking Direct Communication for Enhanced Learning

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Seeking Direct Communication for Enhanced Learning

Hello Klemen,

I hope this message finds you well. I would like to address some challenges I've been experiencing while using MCreator, particularly with the latest updates. I appreciate the effort you and your team have put into improving the software and providing tutorials, but there are significant barriers for me due to my unique learning difficulties.

I want to be clear and concise. Traditional tutorials in video or text form do not work for me. My visual focus is limited, and I find it challenging to follow along. My mind tends to get overwhelmed, making it difficult to absorb complex procedures.

In contrast, earlier versions like 1.8.3 were much more accessible to me. In 2023, I'm struggling to adapt to the latest updates. I've turned to Chat GPT for assistance because I've faced resistance in the community when seeking help, and my explanations may not have effectively conveyed the extent of my difficulties.

Explaining my issues can be a challenge due to difficulties with finding words and descriptions. I'm striving to make my Minecraft mod-making journey more accessible, but the complexity of the procedures and coding has proven to be an obstacle. The mathematics and logical steps involved in the process are areas I have little experience in. I didn't receive formal education similar to that of others, as my background is primarily from ZMLK.

I have a strong passion for Minecraft mod-making and a deep desire to learn. However, the existing procedures are daunting. I need a more fundamental approach, like step-by-step guidance and simplified explanations. I require visual and auditory learning combined, as I struggle to focus on intricate written or video instructions.

I understand that responses can be limited due to the volume of inquiries, and I am not here to express discontent. I am genuinely seeking assistance. I believe that a personal conversation, perhaps through voice messaging on Discord, could bridge the communication gap. My Discord handle is blackheart0799.

I genuinely hope you and your team can consider my request for personalized support. This would greatly aid my efforts to learn and participate in the MCreator community.

Thank you for taking the time to understand my situation. I am committed to overcoming my limitations and contributing positively to the world of Minecraft mod-making.