Switch this website from WordPress to Drupal?

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Switch this website from WordPress to Drupal?

Hello folks,

When I recently read something on this website, the idea came to me that this website should be converted from Drupal 9 to WordPress 6.4. WordPress has many more features than Drupal and the key point about WordPress is that you can extend it with so-called plugins. MCreator.net could be a stylish new WordPress website. I would really like to create a theme and a plugin for this site that allows uploading Minecraft mods. There is also a plugin called “WpForo” which inserts a forum system. I would highly recommend switching this site to WordPress because it gives you more customization options and features (e.g. full-page editing). Here is a link to compare Drupal and WordPress. I don't want to have this topic deleted, this is only an improvement suggestion for the website how it could be improved.


Atten :)