Include and exclude enchantments

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Include and exclude enchantments

 !! When making my mod, I'm making it for Fabric 1.19.2 - 0.67.1 !!
So, When creating an enchantment. You have the option to include and exclude enchantments. When you include, it means it can only be combined with the enchantment selected and nothing else. When you Exclude, it means it can be combined with everything BUT the enchantment selected enchantment. But when making my enchantments. I don't know why, but when I make an enchantment and select it to exclude another enchantment. For some reason it still considers it as included. Meaning if I have an enchantment (called rift) and press exclude button and select "mending". Mcreator makes it so rift can ONLY be combined with mending... Which is the complete opposite of what I want to do, even though I've looked tens of times at it still with the exclude option available but still deciding to include instead.. 

the only way I can think of fixing it is to make it include every other enchantment BUT the one I want to exclude.. but this comes with another problem. Not only do I have to select every vanilla enchantment in Minecraft. but every other 60 custom enchantments I've made. then do the same for them and possible future ones I might add. It's just extremely tiring and want to know if there is a better way.