"Navigating Challenges: A Candid Explanation of My Modding Journey and Limitations"

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"Navigating Challenges: A Candid Explanation of My Modding Journey and Limitations"

Allow me to articulate my decision to discontinue Minecraft mod creation on your software more clearly. Despite your request for a better explanation, it appears there's a substantial misunderstanding of my capabilities and limitations. Here's a comprehensive breakdown:

**What I Can Do:**

1. Create blocks, items, and tools.

2. Color textures (with limitations due to my vision).

3. Understand basic math operations (+, ×, -).

**What I Cannot Do:**

1. Articulate and name topics coherently, limiting me to basic directions.

2. Grasp modeling, dimensions, and procedural blocky global events.

3. Provide detailed instructions or descriptions, relying on ChatGPT.

4. Experience focus issues, unaffected by conventional solutions like zooming or slowing down videos.

5. Struggle with complex procedures, making it challenging to create certain subjects.

Moreover, I prefer verbal communication due to pronunciation difficulties and language challenges in both English and Dutch. Discord's voice message feature remains an unexplored option, leading to my unexpected removal from the server without a chance to explain.

The updates in MCreator, while beneficial for many, outpace my ability to keep up. My condition, a muscular illness coupled with unique learning needs, impedes my learning speed. Despite excelling in math during ZMLK education, I encountered significant challenges in other subjects.

While I'm not diagnosed with autism, my struggles are distinct, making understanding and support crucial. I prefer the term "autistic" and "handicap" to accurately reflect my condition. Dyslexia is not the issue; it's how I process information and react to challenges.

I hold genuine affection for your software but face insurmountable obstacles in learning. I implore empathy, understanding, and an inclusive learning environment for individuals like me, who navigate difficulties in the educational process.