Proposal for Improved Folder Management in MCreator Interface

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Proposal for Improved Folder Management in MCreator Interface

Hello MCreator Community!

While working on larger modding projects, I've noticed that a more robust folder management system would be highly beneficial in the MCreator interface, especially for textures, models, and other elements. Currently, file management in these areas can become complex as projects grow.

My proposal is to enhance the interface to include more comprehensive folder management, allowing modders to better organize their resources. This would simplify navigation and locating files, especially in the case of more extensive modding projects.

Imagine an interface where you could create folders, move files between them, and have a more structured organization for textures, models, and other mod elements. This would make managing large-scale projects easier and enhance the efficiency of the modding process.

What do you think? Does the idea of improved folder management in the MCreator interface resonate with you? Your thoughts and ideas on this proposal are crucial!

Thank you in advance for your participation in this discussion.

Best regards,