procedure crashing my game

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procedure crashing my game
Fri, 12/01/2023 - 23:42 (edited)

i was making a weapon special attack that consists in a dash wich deals damage in all creatures nearby, and it worked perfectly. after that i made another procedure that makes me give another dash if i kiled a mob with the last dash (kinda like the bandit from clash royale), but then i realize that it would not be possible to do that the way i was doing before, since the kill was made by a procedure and not by a player. i was searching ways to fix that when i found the "deal damage from source" block, but  now my game crash when i use the ability. i made tests and discovered that the problem was with the procedure with the "deal damage from source" block. i have absolutely no idea how to soulve this and i need help. i gonna post both procedures (the first one will have the one crashing the game and the one who didnt)

thanks in advance

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