Adding of "Exclude/Include" feature to the Structure Mod Element?

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Adding of "Exclude/Include" feature to the Structure Mod Element?

Hello, I have a suggestion for the 2023.4 update or future versions and wanted to share it with you all,

Would it be possible to add an "Exclude/Include" feature to the Structure mod element? 

The main use case for this feature as an example would be to exclude all of the Ocean biomes, allowing the structure to spawn only on land biomes. Previously, this was possible by selecting all of the biomes and removing the ocean biomes from the list of selected biomes. However, this can cause problems when a player installs a world-generation mod that replaces all of the vanilla biomes with modded/custom ones. In this case, the structure would keep trying to find a valid biome in the world to generate in, but there is no valid biomes as they're all replaced by the modded/custom ones and not the vanilla ones we can currently select in MCreator

With the "Exclude/Include" feature, the structure would look for all biomes in the world, including modded ones, and then it will simply exclude the selected ocean biomes. 
Basically, this feature would add support for world-generation mods that don't use the same vanilla biomes that MCreator lets us currently select.

The use of Biome Tags does help but ocean biomes are also tagged under the "is_overworld" making structures that would normally spawn on Grass spawn on ocean/water instead, resulting in the structures looking very out of place
There is however a "is_forest" biome tag but there is always a chance the world-generation mod hasn't tagged it correctly but it's definitely one of the closest solution

TLDR: The new feature allows modders to exclude specific biomes, like oceans. This is especially useful when players are using world-generation mods that replace the vanilla biomes, as the previously mentioned method of excluding ocean biomes only checks for vanilla biomes when generating which could lead to generation issues in modded worlds. The "Exclude/Include" feature considers all biomes, including the modded biomes while also being able to exclude the biomes you've selected.

I hope this all makes sense and isn't too long to read lol