Unsure of how to fix hitbox not appearing..??

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Unsure of how to fix hitbox not appearing..??

I'm trying to add a vine block thats basically just the normal minecraft vines, but they don't grow. (Wanted this for builds because normal vines grow everywhere and kinda ruin builds) I created a model and added a bounding box that fits the model exactly, but when I go in-game, there is absolutely no hitbox. I can't even highlight it, looking at it highlights the block the vine is on. I swear I followed this video exactly besides the texture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ja1IGseTTKc. Can provide any screenshots of the workspace or even send the whole workspace file if you want. MCreator version 2020.2 because the modpack I'm playing on is on 1.12.2. I also noticed the texture of the vines in-hand is literally just the block model which is weird but not a big deal. If you know a fix for that then let me know please. The main issue is the hitboxes though, I just need the vines to work.