Raytrace 'block modes' explained

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Raytrace 'block modes' explained

MCreator's block raytracing procedure blocks come with three 'block modes', internally referred to as 'clip contexts'.

The three modes can be explained as follows:

'Outline' - Targets whatever block has the player's selection outline. Only way to target non-solid blocks such as grass.
'Visual' - Usually targets whatever solid block the player is looking at. Always passes through non-solid blocks.
'Collider' - Almost identical to the 'visual' mode except the target passes through snow layers and other blocks that are technically similar in terms of.. however they're rendered.

What counts as a block is defined by the size of their hitbox, not their model or texture; for instance the raytrace targeting cannot go through the 'empty' spaces in a row of fences or even the transparent parts of glass blocks.