"Lunacy: The World of RPG"

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"Lunacy: The World of RPG"

Hello! I am here to announce a new mod I made. It has bosses with unique weapons and armor for drops, cool dungons, and even classes with abilites/perks!


Before I showcase this mod, note that you need Geckolib and Curios API:

So, let's start with the bosses. I have created tabs below that allow you to view the abilites, health, and damage of these bosses!

These bosses all have unique weapons/armor for drops that have new abilites to enhance the gameplay.


Speaking of enhancing gameplay, I present to you, the classes! You need a Class Book from the Vampire Lich to select one. Here is a guide on the 3 classes (soon to be more) that are given to the player!

Thats the end for now! There are more things such as smaller mobs, mini-bosses, weaponry, and armor but that is a secret to discover! Enjoy!

Click Here to go to the Mod Page