Lunacy: The World of RPG

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Before you download the mod or even look at it, know that you need these mods:


Welcome to the world of Lunacy! This mod adds 4 new bosses, 5 new structures, custom weapons/armor, 3 new biomes, a new cave biome, and lot's of new mobs and features which you can find and observe below.




(Note: The class book is obtained from the Vampire Lich, which can allow you to select your class.)

Biomes (v1.1.5):

Exploration Update Part 2 (1.2.0):

Note: (There is new cave biome and structures but thats for you guys to find.)

There is more to the mod, but you need to explore yourselves, just to add that bit of suprise. The armor and weapons crafting recipies are revealed by killing and defeating the mobs and dungons. (Note: Every boss has a unique peice of armor or weapons with abilites). Enjoy! - KrebPleb

Web Pages:

Cursed Forge Page

Reddit Page

Modification files
lunacy-1.0.0.jar - First VersionUploaded on: 01/22/2024 - 18:20   File size: 2.98 MB
lunacy-1.1.0.jar - Dead Seas UpdateUploaded on: 01/24/2024 - 01:07   File size: 3.06 MB
lunacy-1.1.5.jar - Exploration UpdateUploaded on: 01/25/2024 - 19:56   File size: 5.31 MB
lunacy-1.2.0.jar - Exploration Update Part 2Uploaded on: 01/26/2024 - 21:41   File size: 5.35 MB

I am working on an underground structure and cave update. It will include new mob(s) and new weapon(s). Hopefuly you all enjoy! It will come out soon :D