Guys need help

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Guys need help

I will start from afar so that it is better to understand what I want. In general, I am creating a mod called Survivor (and no, this is not an ad for the mod), and this mod is the type of mod that is supposed to complicate survival from the process of felling a tree by hand to finding clay in the dirt, so when I created my mod, I found such an obstacle, as structures ( especially villages) and they really interfere with the balance of the game. My mod also turns out to be a little linear in plan (achieved) and gives the way for further development of the subject, I want to make a procedure that will work according to the principle: I can use (for example) a workbench only when I receive concrete achievement and due to the fact that I have little programming skills (even in programming according to the scratch) then I would like to hear your advice, maybe literally a code template that would help me further to make my mod.