Help with a block not facing right direction

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Help with a block not facing right direction

Hello! i am making a type of bow that shoots an special arrow (version 1.20.1) in the mcreator 2023.4, it works perfectly, first i tried to mark that the arrow could be pickable but nothing happened it dissapeared so i started to try to make a block like the arrow but when i add the procedure when the arrow hits a block, i wanted it to look in the same direction the player is looking, but it keeps always facing north! as you can see in the picture. in the procedure i keep in simple i make that when it hits the block it replaces the block with the arrow block i did, it plays a sound and give some particles. Everythings works perfectly! but the block "arrow" always facing same direction, even when i marked in replace block that keep tick direction. I tried every single tutorial i found block direction procedures, procedures to make the block face north, east etc...and also i tried to make 6 different blocks facing different directions :( but nothing is working!! it is really sad because i donĀ“t know why nothing works! Help please :(