Fluid NBT and fluid related procedure block

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Fluid NBT and fluid related procedure block

Hello ! i wanted to ask if it could be possible to have in Mcreator some more fluid implementation, this is a list of what i think is essential for any people wanting to work with fluids in more depth than what is currently possible with mcreator ! 

The n#1 problem with fluid in Mcreator is that we do not currently (as i know of) any way of returning a fluid name, like how one is capable of returning a itemstack from a slot/entity/... and able to store and reuse the info later on. This cause issues for example if you want to make a simple fluid storage that would be compatible with "every forge liquid" : there is no way with the current "fluid list" system to make a storage that can store any liquid and be "filtered". Problem would be solved by ,if it's possible, the addition of a fluidstack nbt/variable !

-NBT Fluidstack : store a FluidStack, with the ability to set it to a fluid without selecting it from a list , to be able to change the fluid on the go like how we can do with the various "get a copy of itemstacks from [source]", and not have to do 10000 "if fluid is [list item]"

-Forge related fluid properties procedures : like "Get fluid temperature"  "Is fluid a gas" , ...

-Changing the current "Test fill fluid" procedures with procedures that would now use NBT fluid instead of the fluid list, again, to be able to make system that can change fluid on the go without having to do a bajillion "if test fill water" "if test fill lava" "if test fill modfluid#1" "if test fill modfluid#2" ,.....

-Basic logic related addition : checking if two fluidstacks are the same , ...