Which is better? Create two mods? Or one large mod?

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Which is better? Create two mods? Or one large mod?

Hey MCreator community!

I'm working on some updates on my mod to make it more survival than creative. One of the ideas I am thinking about it is adding some underground/dungeon structures. Though, I'm just trying to determine if the dungeon idea should be a separate mod for file size purposes.

I already have 120+ custom items so far in the mod so this could definitely add a whole lot more.

Just wondering if I should think about making it two separate things or if it will be perfectly fine to keep adding to the main one.

I think there are benefits…
Thu, 02/15/2024 - 20:33

I think there are benefits to both. But until you get to several thousands of MEs, I think you are good in one mod as long they share common theme so the mod does not just become "a bit of everything" mod