Troubleshooting Custom Crafting Block's Procedure and Crafting Method

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Troubleshooting Custom Crafting Block's Procedure and Crafting Method
Thu, 02/22/2024 - 21:20 (edited)

I had the idea to create a crafting block for my Fabric mod in MCreator. Little did I know the configuration and set up for said crafting block is a pain to put together (lol). I've tried many different variations of theses seemingly limited code blocks (no offense intended) that attempt to turn the block into a "working" crafting block. 

Some things I'm struggling with are: how one deal 5 damage to the disc hammer found in slot 0 when the item in the fifth slot in the GUI is taken out, allow shapeless crafting, only allow the output slot to show the result when the recipe is correct, stop the procedure from running when the block is right clicked, and so much more. So far, I've had no luck. I'm using MCreator 2023.4 with a Fabric plugin I found on this website.

I've scoured the internet, MCreator forums, and YouTube for about sixteen hours now, trying to piece together a viable solution for my problems, but nothing has worked thus far. I don’t know Java yet, so MCreator is my best option.

 Here is the procedure that is supposed to trigger when the blocks in any slot, except for the 5th, are taken out or put in (I only wanted it to trigger when the blocks are put in, but it triggers the craft when they're taken out which is annoying). Anyway, any help would be appreciated and I hope to see a better custom crafting gui system in MCreator soon! :) The use of JSON files to create recipies would be such an easy-going touch to the strange world that is creating custom crafting interfaces with MCreator is. 

The image won't load, so here's the code:

(I couldn’t find anywhere else to put the code so I put it in a Google Doc. It might not be comprehensive as the code structure is lost.)

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