How to make a custom air fluid?

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How to make a custom air fluid?

I am using the custom code editor to make a fluid that acts like air, but is heavy, and should sit under normal minecraft air.


So far I have everything I want implemented working for my custom air fluid, except that i still "swim" in the fluid, and that this fluid replaces water blocks and flows under them!

This second issue should not be happening, since I set it to be less dense than water (I made it the actual density of the gas I am trying to recreate), but as for the first issue, I think I might need to implement a custom movement code to make it so that i don't "swim" in my air block, but I do not know how to go about this yet.


I did add my own Fluid Type properties in the code.. making canSwim to false, and other things such as that it cannot be used to water farm blocks, and that it doesn't prevent fall damage... but other than that, it still seems to be primarily acting like water, and I do not know what is going on with that!


Here's what my code looks like. I am sure I made PLENTY of mistakes! There were no compile errors with this even still.