Change the size of the mob

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Change the size of the mob

I am suffering from a problem that I am suffering from now, which made me force myself to create an account and raise the problem in order for it to be solved. This problem I have been suffering from for a week or more and I have not found a solution for it.
As a beginner, of course, I created the mob and its animation in Blockbench, and when I finished, I laid the foundation and everything to create the mob in mcreator. To be clear to you, the version I use is 2023.1.
When I finished, I wanted to reduce its size, but I could not. I searched for videos and did not find anything. I searched on the site and the codes did not work. It seems that it returns according to the version because it is old.
I hope you can help me as soon as possible

Hey mCreator developers, I advise you to request the creation of a tool in your application that helps a person easily change the size of the mob, because it has become tiring.