[Help] JEI recipes showing empty tag problem

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[Help] JEI recipes showing empty tag problem

Im having a problem where im getting an empty tag problem in JEI recipe.

forge:sapling seems to not exist in the test environment but does on my current game (FTB One) running same forge version. According to the forge docs this tag should exist. I tested with making a tag of my own called saplings and added minecraft:saplings and forge:sapling to the list and I get an empty tag error in JEI. Having only minecraft:saplings in my custom tag works as expected though as well as minecraft:saplings on its own completely.

Can anyone help with why the forge:sapling tag is missing in the first place and what to do when a tag that consists of a list of tags and one of those tags being empty results in the whole tag being empty? Im using just enough recipes to create the JEI recipe display.


In game forge:sapling exists











In test environment forge:sapling doesnt exist














Tag setup in MCreator


Having forge:sapling as an included tag results in the entire tag being empty even though it also has minecraft:saplings in it as well which i assumed it would fall back to