How to Make MCreator Work Fully Offline

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How to Make MCreator Work Fully Offline

So, I was wondering on how I can make MCreator work fully offline. Even after setting it up with an internet connection and even setting up a workspace, it still seems to rely on an internet connection. I've tried setting gradle to work offline in the settings, but even so, MOD elements cannot be compiled unless connected to the internet, otherwise an error pops up about no repositories being defined, as well as, minecraftforge_1.20.1_mapped [or something like that] not being found and the offline directory bundeled_repo having been searched. Weirdly, this directory is never created even when mods are built with an internet connection.

I really need to be able to use MCreator fully offline due to poor network service. Please, any help will be highly appreciated.

I don't think this is…
Thu, 04/11/2024 - 12:12

I don't think this is possible 100%.

MCreator relies on Gradle due to modding API used relying on it. And Gradle seems to need internet most of the time