Tameable Procedures Bugged

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Tameable Procedures Bugged

 Hi! I'm in the process of making a redneck addon for the beloved Alex's Mods. The idea was to create passive or hostile mobs that you can fight for the chance to use Tremorzilla against these powerful mobsters. In my research, I found this tool/website to be very resourceful with many questions but little feedback. However, though my research hasn't been complete, I do want to raise a bit of concern/suggestion that may be useful for MCreator. 

   - The Lack of Tameable Procedures and Glitchy Ones

  •      One thing that I have noticed in my procedure makings, is that the tameable mobs are not favored in procedures. Procedures that could be included are things like sitting or wandering. Now, I am aware of HOW to make an entity sit through procedures; however, mobs that add custom pet items such as a collar tag, will end up getting erased. This can be fixed by using NBT tags, but the process itself is just a bit of a hassle for a simple sit command.
  •    The follow-owner template does not appear to function properly, especially if the tamed mob is a flying entity. The follow-owner template barely works with wandering entities and if that entity is a flying entity; the mob just simply teleports to the player. So while it functions, it functions to the least. It would be nice to see an update to these procedures or maybe a simple template to make it easier for people, who are not as familiar with these procedures or steps.
  •   Flying mounts have been the most difficult thing to obtain in MCreator. Once more, it is doable, but so few people know how to do it and the ones, who have been able to do it, had to grind for weeks to figure it out. Most of my help has come from a reliable source NorthWatchGaming, who I highly recommend. But even his tutorials have not given me clarity/knowledge of how these procedures properly work.


 I love what MCreator is doing, it has been nothing short of a blessing to use. But I believe MCreator has a lot more potential. For people, who want to learn how to code, this platform is easy to recognize and learn the language of coding. There are many bugs, which is easily expected, but I believe it isn't the procedures, I believe it's the lack of procedures that could solve this. I do not know what it means to code, but I just wanted to voice my opinion to see what others think. Thank you for reading this message, and I hope you have a good day.