Campfire issues

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Campfire issues

I have been trying to create a functioning counterpart to the vanilla campfire block via MCreator, however one of the issues I just can't seem to find a solution for is the right-click animation issues I am getting.

For my block, I have set two blocks (a lit variant and an unlit variant) and with the use of procedures I can switch between them however I want the right-click animation to not play if I am not using the right item and when I am using the right item, I want it to act just like how the normal vanilla campfire does. (For example, using the flint and steel to light it up which then causes it to act like a block so you can set fire to the other blocks around it if you right-click on that direction of the block.)

I have even tried using global triggers but they just don't work with what I've been trying to achieve as the block doesn't become solid anymore and just repeatedly keeps doing the right-click animation.