MCreator generator link to github & auto updates

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MCreator generator link to github & auto updates

I have an idea for MCcreator to be generally better for people. The choose version interface could be updated so you can choose the version, fork, and mc version, synced with the GitHub repo and NeoForge + forge sites. And also, a button you can click that (tries) to combine versions / make it playable on multiple versions of mc. Then people can play more of the mod without doing more work. This would also make it so the generators would be less of a hassle to manage because you could have a base generator that you add the version of support on-to, so it auto places the values needed. To achieve the updating part of it, you could use GitHub copilot to fix mistakes when updating. Please add this because it would make modding so much easier and make it so more advanced modders can do more.