Any tutorial for recipes stored in Block?

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Any tutorial for recipes stored in Block?

So I am making a Magic Mod where you can create Staves (with Differents stats and Tiers) and Orbs (With Different Spells) that you can mix, and I am trying to make a Workshop where you can change the recipe that you want to make, such as: 
-Beginner's Staff: x6 Oak Planks
-Cobble staff: x10 Cobbletstone
-Netherrack Staff: x12 Netherrack

And here's an Idea of the GUI I intended to make


Here's an Example of one of the 3 Tier 1 Recipes would be like
-Beginner's Staff (Tier 1)
-Max Orb : 1
-Bonus : None
-Malus : None
-Recipe : 6x Oak Planks

What I am trying to do is to store recipes into the Block that allows you to make Staves (Or the Staff Workshop as you may Call it) Into Variables or something of that kind

If you need any other informations about the issue or a tutorial on how to do that, please let me know