Fred's - The Tomb

Started by FredLeon on Mon, 07/08/2019 - 13:23

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Fred's - The Tomb
Mon, 07/08/2019 - 13:23

Yea, hello...



Welcome to my cool mod idea that i will be working on in the next few days probably not  (actually it's not like i have better things to do) 

This mod is called   

The Tomb

So i will explain the mod in this image

cool image

yea admire my cool art skills  now this is a list of planned things:

  • The Tomb structure (duh that's what the mod is about)
  • a lot of blocks, and when i mean blocks i mean a lot of brick variations (breakable and unbreakable ones, the unbreakable bricks will be used for the tomb walls because i don't want people to skip all cool rooms and just enter the boss room.
  • many items (Things found in the tomb, 
  • NPCs (villagers but actually minecraft human looking)
  • The COOL boss and maybe a mini boss
  • Layered Dungeon, like at the beginning you will be able to explore some of the tomb, later you will be able to unlock more of it until i get to the final cool boss.
  • random generated tomb   (i suck at coding and random generated things)

SO that's all i have planned for now, i will add more features later, now let's get to the questions


Are you taking this seriously?

  • No

When will this mod be released?

  • Equivalent to the amount of motivation i have (yea probably 2020)

Can i get a shoutout?

  • I don't give shoutouts

Wait, are you posting this because you need some help with the mod?

  • I don't need any help except coding  i can do anything


If i'm not online for maximum 30 days it's probably because i gave up or i don't have motivation to continue the mod.


Stay hydrated.

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It seems it will be an…
Sun, 07/14/2019 - 08:01

It seems it will be an awesome mod :D

And thank you for telling everyone where is the secret room XD