Potion effects from blocks and fluids aren't working

Started by Cube67 on Sat, 09/07/2019 - 12:50

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Potion effects from blocks and fluids aren't working
Sat, 09/07/2019 - 12:50

So, i made 2 fluids and 1 block which are supposed to give potion effects to the player. When the player stands on/in the block, the status effect is shown on the side, and the potion particles are there, but the effect does not happen. My theory here is that it keeps giving the effect on every tick, preventing the effect from taking place somehow. Is there some sort of "wait _ seconds" function in the procedures to negate this? if not, can the developer PLEASE add it in?

or if the problem is happening for a different reason, tell me.

the current procedure is:
Event trigger - triggered by external call
Add potion with level [1] and duration [8] to provided entity: POISON

From this page: https:/…
Sun, 09/08/2019 - 09:33

From this page: https://mcreator.net/wiki/potion-effect-ids

Does 1 hit point of damage every 25 ticks/1.25 seconds until the player or mob is at 1 hit point of health

Your poison is applied every 25 ticks and your effect lasts 1 tick. Manually hurt the player using procedures or set the level to high enough level so the damage will be applied each tick:

Delay between damage is reduced by half (rounding down) with each additional level