why i not make mod

Started by herobrine43 on Fri, 01/24/2020 - 14:33

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why i not make mod
Fri, 01/24/2020 - 14:33

1 i use old software mcrearor 1.8.3 

2 i can see everything better 

3 i can not make models 

4 my English or Netherland is bad in chat to want the problem is simple i replace the words in the wrong line 

5 my handicap is Ocular Motor Apraxia, Cogan so i can bad seething of the new texture on the new mcreator 2020.1 

6 if using old version i see it clear and sharpness  and none blur on it then the new 

7 people can tell me what to do but here *point of view that doesn't see it clear same in the video of speed 0.2-speed seeing*

8 i have hard to follow the steps  to understand something how people do it fast and not getting me and make fun about it 

9 i can only make what i can good i am but tell about i bad and let not understand me if i am bad in tell but well make a video about it but in hard to explanation

10 name of the mod or something in the elements of the thing i made or what wearing about i not good in if you want to do i am bad 

11 i use software that i can learn about something that i don't know about like math or X Y Z  or other things to use like procedure how the new parts of it i don't know to make it  

12 experimenting of the new thing that i don't know about is hard to underhand and about even if it simple way to say on wiki i have hard to get it how to want it I just need more details to more understand about that why start with the software to learn more about that i don't know about something 

13 and i can better get someone if i do number so can i also follow in steps od the lines so can follow more in details and same in chat so it easy for me 

14 if my details are unclear fine by you then i can't be helped by you even still won't help then you don't get it to think that you are right to not let me say is have *fair use's* on the software if no then i am not helping to do this but then keep using only software  if i can not help in anything of  the software that use of the mcreator  in the way i can do it  but i won't share to anyone and still use old software be stayed about it