GUI Options fall short of being able to use professionally

Started by smmmadden on Fri, 05/15/2020 - 03:05

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GUI Options fall short of being able to use professionally
Fri, 05/15/2020 - 03:05

I'm expanding my use of MCreator (2020-2) for my mods by creating functional GUI's that can be used by different audiences (Admins, Players, etc.).  For a simple GUI it may meet some needs, but for more advanced use it falls short of having the features that can be very helpful.

Text (labels) are fixed font size and cannot be changed (font type or size)

Buttons - are much larger than the font size so it makes the UI not only look off, but unprofessional.  Also, they are only provided with white text and gray background.  Being able to have both options would be a bonus.  YOu can change the width but no easily and still the height and text size do not change with the resizing.

Text (labels) cannot be used as actionable inputs.  The only option is a slot or button when neither apply in the case I'm working on.  For example, I have a list of gamerules and commands that are in the UI which I want to make as clickable events so they call an underlying procedure when done.  This isn't currently possible, but would make the UI more feature rich.

Text Input Fields are way to big for the UI and should be equal in font size to the Text used with them.  It would be nice improvement if they were the same size and also included the UI for the Procedure to use for that input field.  Similar to selectable inputs on text/labels, but this would have the equivalent of the Input Name, Input Value & Procedure to call.  It would also need a submit button (fitting the style/font/color) of the rest of the UI that can be used for the event trigger. Like the Input & Output Slot Editors have but of course a smaller slot box that could also handle a boolean (on/off, true/false) and can be placed next to the Text Label it applies to.

The default background layer is a fixed size and if you expand the GUI width or height there the background isn't rendered properly upon game play.  It has a line going from top to bottom (width) when it exceeds the primary size (it isn't resizable).  If the width/height are provided, it should also render as shown (WYSIWYG).  It would also be very helpful to change the background layer to something other than gray (perhaps introduce a color selector) when it is shown.

Additionally, the background layer font style/color's don't match that of using no background layer.  In fact they are pixelated and hard to read.

Moving text to snap-in-place gets confusing as you have to click on the label, then click on the + icon but it also changes the location of where the text was so it has to be re-positioned back to where it was.  It should select the text yes, but don't move it until the text has to be moved.  Enabling the up|down|left|right arrows would be great to help move text fields more  easily.

Thanks for considering the features requested above.  This is just one area that I'll be posting adding feature requests for to improve the functional usages of MCreator.