Custom Mob Model Problem (Compiling)

Started by Fandalf on Tue, 06/02/2020 - 18:29

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Custom Mob Model Problem (Compiling)
Tue, 06/02/2020 - 18:29

Hello there,

So I'm quite new to Minecraft Modding, and recently I've working in a mod, though I'm having some issues with a custom mob model, I converted and made a needed alterations to make it usable on Minecraft, but when compiling gives me an error, I tried everything to fix it but no success. Could someone give me a hand to fix it?

That's the Error:

Executing Gradle task: build

Build info: MCreator 2020.2.14217, 1.12.2, 64-bit, 3971 MB, Windows 10, JVM 1.8.0_232, JAVA_HOME: C:\Program Files\Pylo\MCreator\jdk

This mapping 'snapshot_20171003' was designed for MC 1.12! Use at your own peril.



:sourceApiJava UP-TO-DATE

:compileApiJava NO-SOURCE

:processApiResources NO-SOURCE

:apiClasses UP-TO-DATE


C:\Users\fabio\MCreatorWorkspaces\mcdungeons\build\sources\main\java\net\mcreator\mfdungeons\entity\ error: cannot find symbol 
      public void render(MatrixStack matrixStack, IVertexBuilder buffer, int packedLight, int packedOverlay, float red, float green, float blue,


  symbol:   class MatrixStack

  location: class ModelMinotaur

C:\Users\fabio\MCreatorWorkspaces\mcdungeons\build\sources\main\java\net\mcreator\mfdungeons\entity\ error: cannot find symbol 
      public void render(MatrixStack matrixStack, IVertexBuilder buffer, int packedLight, int packedOverlay, float red, float green, float blue,


  symbol:   class IVertexBuilder

  location: class ModelMinotaur

2 errors

:compileJava FAILED

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:

Execution failed for task ':compileJava'.

> Compilation failed; see the compiler error output for details.

* Try:

Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --info or --debug option to get more log output. Run with --scan to get full insights.

* Get more help at


5 actionable tasks: 4 executed, 1 up-to-date


Task completed in 41001 milliseconds

And here is the code of the model:

// Referenced classes of package net.minecraft.src:
// ModelBiped, MathHelper, ModelRenderer

public class ModelMinotaur extends ModelBiped {
	private final ModelRenderer bipedNose;
	private final ModelRenderer bipedTail;
	private final ModelRenderer bipedRhorn;
	private final ModelRenderer bipedRhorn2;
	private final ModelRenderer bipedLhorn;
	private final ModelRenderer bipedLhorn2;
	private final ModelRenderer bipedHead;
	private final ModelRenderer bipedBody;
	private final ModelRenderer bipedRightLeg;
	private final ModelRenderer bipedLeftLeg;
	private final ModelRenderer shoulders;
	private final ModelRenderer tailEnd;
	private final ModelRenderer bipedRightThigh;
	private final ModelRenderer bipedLeftThigh;
	private final ModelRenderer bipedRightFoot;
	private final ModelRenderer bipedLeftFoot;
	private final ModelRenderer Mane2;
	private final ModelRenderer Neck;
	private final ModelRenderer Mane;
	private final ModelRenderer bipedLeftArm;
	private final ModelRenderer bipedRightArm;

	public ModelMinotaur() {
		textureWidth = 128;
		textureHeight = 128;

		bipedNose = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedNose.setRotationPoint(0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F);
		bipedNose.setTextureOffset(0, 54).addBox(-2.0F, -9.0F, -11.0F, 4.0F, 4.0F, 4.0F, 0.0F, 

		bipedTail = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedTail.setRotationPoint(0.0F, 4.0F, 0.0F);
		setRotationAngle(bipedTail, -0.5236F, 0.0F, 0.0F);
		bipedTail.setTextureOffset(64, 17).addBox(-2.0F, -3.0F, 2.0F, 4.0F, 3.0F, 11.0F, 0.0F, 

		bipedRhorn = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedRhorn.setRotationPoint(0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F);
		bipedRhorn.setTextureOffset(20, 5).addBox(-7.0F, -11.0F, -6.0F, 5.0F, 2.0F, 2.0F, 0.0F, 

		bipedRhorn2 = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedRhorn2.setRotationPoint(0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F);
		bipedRhorn2.setTextureOffset(20, 0).addBox(-7.0F, -14.0F, -5.0F, 1.0F, 4.0F, 1.0F, 0.0F, 

		bipedLhorn = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedLhorn.setRotationPoint(0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F);
		bipedLhorn.setTextureOffset(20, 5).addBox(2.0F, -11.0F, -6.0F, 5.0F, 2.0F, 2.0F, 0.0F, 

		bipedLhorn2 = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedLhorn2.setRotationPoint(0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F);
		bipedLhorn2.setTextureOffset(20, 0).addBox(6.0F, -14.0F, -5.0F, 1.0F, 4.0F, 1.0F, 0.0F, 

		bipedHead = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedHead.setRotationPoint(0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F);
		bipedHead.setTextureOffset(0, 0).addBox(-2.0F, -11.0F, -8.0F, 4.0F, 6.0F, 6.0F, 0.0F, 

		bipedBody = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedBody.setRotationPoint(0.0F, -8.0F, 1.0F);
		bipedBody.setTextureOffset(0, 12).addBox(-5.0F, 0.0F, -5.0F, 10.0F, 14.0F, 9.0F, 0.0F, 

		bipedRightLeg = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedRightLeg.setRotationPoint(-3.0F, 4.0F, 0.0F);
		bipedRightLeg.setTextureOffset(20, 50).addBox(-3.0F, 10.0F, 0.0F, 4.0F, 6.0F, 5.0F, 0.0F, 

		bipedLeftLeg = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedLeftLeg.setRotationPoint(3.0F, 4.0F, 0.0F);
		bipedLeftLeg.setTextureOffset(20, 50).addBox(-1.0F, 10.0F, 0.0F, 4.0F, 6.0F, 5.0F, 0.0F, 

		shoulders = new ModelRenderer(this);
		shoulders.setRotationPoint(0.0F, -8.0F, 1.0F);
		shoulders.setTextureOffset(86, 50).addBox(-8.0F, -1.0F, -4.0F, 15.0F, 7.0F, 6.0F, 0.0F, 

		tailEnd = new ModelRenderer(this);
		tailEnd.setRotationPoint(0.0F, 2.0F, -2.0F);
		setRotationAngle(tailEnd, -0.7854F, 0.0F, 0.0F);
		tailEnd.setTextureOffset(64, 0).addBox(-1.0F, -5.0F, 12.0F, 2.0F, 2.0F, 11.0F, 0.0F, 

		bipedRightThigh = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedRightThigh.setRotationPoint(-3.0F, 4.0F, 0.0F);
		bipedRightThigh.setTextureOffset(38, 0).addBox(-3.0F, 0.0F, -3.0F, 5.0F, 10.0F, 8.0F, 
        0.0F, true);

		bipedLeftThigh = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedLeftThigh.setRotationPoint(4.0F, 4.0F, 0.0F);
		bipedLeftThigh.setTextureOffset(38, 0).addBox(-3.0F, 0.0F, -3.0F, 5.0F, 10.0F, 8.0F, 0.0F, 

		bipedRightFoot = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedRightFoot.setRotationPoint(-3.0F, 4.0F, 0.0F);
		bipedRightFoot.setTextureOffset(20, 38).addBox(-3.0F, 13.0F, -2.0F, 4.0F, 7.0F, 5.0F, 
        0.0F, true);

		bipedLeftFoot = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedLeftFoot.setRotationPoint(3.0F, 4.0F, 0.0F);
		bipedLeftFoot.setTextureOffset(20, 38).addBox(-1.0F, 13.0F, -2.0F, 4.0F, 7.0F, 5.0F, 0.0F, 

		Mane2 = new ModelRenderer(this);
		Mane2.setRotationPoint(0.0F, -8.0F, 1.0F);
		Mane2.setTextureOffset(0, 88).addBox(-3.0F, -3.0F, -2.0F, 6.0F, 12.0F, 8.0F, 0.0F, false);

		Neck = new ModelRenderer(this);
		Neck.setRotationPoint(0.0F, -8.0F, 3.0F);
		Neck.setTextureOffset(39, 64).addBox(-3.0F, -4.0F, -8.0F, 6.0F, 8.0F, 3.0F, 0.0F, false);

		Mane = new ModelRenderer(this);
		Mane.setRotationPoint(0.0F, -8.0F, 1.0F);
		Mane.setTextureOffset(0, 64).addBox(-4.0F, -2.0F, -4.0F, 8.0F, 13.0F, 9.0F, 0.0F, false);

		bipedLeftArm = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedLeftArm.setRotationPoint(7.0F, -6.0F, 0.0F);
		bipedLeftArm.setTextureOffset(38, 33).addBox(0.0F, -2.0F, -2.0F, 5.0F, 16.0F, 5.0F, 0.0F, 

		bipedRightArm = new ModelRenderer(this);
		bipedRightArm.setRotationPoint(-7.0F, -6.0F, 1.0F);
		bipedRightArm.setTextureOffset(38, 33).addBox(-6.0F, -2.0F, -2.0F, 5.0F, 16.0F, 5.0F, 
        0.0F, true);

	public void setRotationAngles(Entity entity, float limbSwing, float limbSwingAmount, float 
    ageInTicks, float netHeadYaw, float headPitch){
		//previously the render function, render code was moved to a method below

	public void render(MatrixStack matrixStack, IVertexBuilder buffer, int packedLight, int 
    packedOverlay, float red, float green, float blue, float alpha)
		bipedNose.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		bipedTail.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		bipedRhorn.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		bipedRhorn2.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		bipedLhorn.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		bipedLhorn2.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		bipedHead.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		bipedBody.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		bipedRightLeg.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		bipedLeftLeg.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		shoulders.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		tailEnd.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		bipedRightThigh.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		bipedLeftThigh.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		bipedRightFoot.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		bipedLeftFoot.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		Mane2.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		Neck.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		Mane.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		bipedLeftArm.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);
		bipedRightArm.render(matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, packedOverlay);

	public void setRotationAngle(ModelRenderer modelRenderer, float x, float y, float z) {
		modelRenderer.rotateAngleX = x;
		modelRenderer.rotateAngleY = y;
		modelRenderer.rotateAngleZ = z;

 Thanks in advance.

You are using 1.15.2 model…
Fri, 06/05/2020 - 19:19

You are using 1.15.2 model in 1.12.2 model, which is to make things even worse, outdated.

Use proper model for proper Minecraft version and also update.