RIP NecronCraft

Started by FreddyFoxGam3r on Tue, 06/30/2020 - 09:21

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RIP NecronCraft
Tue, 06/30/2020 - 09:21

So. Remember when I said that I would continue development of NecronCraft.

Well, that cant happen.

I opened NecronCraft and it told me it couldn't open unless I rebooted the version. So I did. Eagerly, I added ranged attacks to the Overlord and Skull Lord since I'm on 2020.3. I pressed Runclient. Nothing happened. I tried again. The game loaded this time. I made a new world and pressed create. The Game Crashed. I tried again and it crashed again. So, NecronCraft is Corrupt.


However, I am remaking NecronCraft under a new name, Insanity RPG. It has less Dimensions and all Pre Overlord Bosses are in the Overworld. I'm already making the Post Overlord Content. I also am adding post Divine Overlord Bosses. The Final Boss is Dakkada, The World Dominater. He has 2.8 Billion HP. He also has a second form when he dies which means 4.6 Billion HP in Total.

Please Leave ideas in the Comments section for new bosses, Mobs and Weapons that will make the mod stand out. I'm also going to port it over too 1.12.2 with the new plugin. See all of you soon