unique tools with another drop

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unique tools with another drop
Sun, 10/18/2020 - 18:40 (edited)

Hello, I already know that there is that video where with an ax if you right-click a block it is changed for another.

And I want to do something similar. What I want to do is that with a specific object if you break a block it gives you a different object and not the one it usually gives.

For example.

With a coal pick if you chop a block of cave stone.

It does not give you the block of rock if it is not exchanged for x amount of coal. (in this case the quantity is 1)

Or it can also be when you break the leaves of a tree. If you do it with your hand or another tool it gives you some like sticks, apple ... But if you break it with scissors it gives you the block itself and not the other drops.


r/MCreator - unique tools

As I am very bad understanding the commands in writing, if you can give me a picture of how to do it?

(If you do not mind)

Thank you

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