Making Proper Tameable Mobs (Tamed Entity Updates Please??)

Started by DollEyedJunkie on Sat, 11/07/2020 - 11:28

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Making Proper Tameable Mobs (Tamed Entity Updates Please??)
Sat, 11/07/2020 - 11:28

Hello! I have been a user of Mcreator for almost 2 years now.

I am trying to make a mod where you tame a creature with a particular item or food. Then the creature can do jobs and tasks I assign them through a GUI that has a jobs tab with a list of jobs I can switch my mob to do! I would code all that myself but I am such a noob lol.

I would really appreciate it if you guys could make an AI system where we can tame mobs with certain items, have them follow the player and serve the player until the mob dies, and have the ability to have them spawn with different skins/textures. This would help a lot with my humanoid mobs that are not animals or just "pets" like wolves.  I am sure other users would find this useful, and it would improve the mob customization of your software! Since Mcreator is mostly focused and more useful in making things like blocks and decor, I think a mob/creature AI update would be fantastic to have since it is lacking... Some features I list below should be pre-made procedures placed in the "PlayerProcedures" or "EntityProcedures" tabs in the editor. Or in other suitable locations within the editor for the rest. I feel maybe having a "Tamed Mob" should be its own thing instead of combined with the "Living Entity" stuff. But that's all up to you. Maybe its own thing called "Tamed Entity" above the Living entity button in "add new mod element".

I already know there are some features for Taming and Mobs already, but I feel they lack so much, especially in what I am looking for. That is why I am posting here today. Let's begin now shall we?

Basic feature breakdown:


- Similar options available like in, "Living Entity"

- Ability to set mob to be permanently (Or not permanently (limited timing until the creature becomes untamed) tamed by Entity/TargetEntity

-Ability to set mob to be tamed with particular Item/Food

-Multiple taming options, such as Riding Entity Until Tamed (Like Horse)/ Riding Entity Until Tamed 2 (Like Llama)/ Food (Like Wolf-Cat-Parrot)/ Breed then steal(Like Fox)

-Set Mob to Look at and Follow Entity/TargetEntity when holding food you set to tame the mob with (May use Head Animations that are already set for model)

-Tamed Mob has job option modes, like Punching (No item in hand)/Sword Combat AI/ RangedWeapon AI/ Fishing/ Farming/ Cutting Down Trees/ Placing Torches/ Smelting Ores/ Cooking Food/ Making Potions when given ingredients/ Healing player by giving player food and Potions/ Announcing the in-game time (In chat) ECT. (Very Basic Tasks. Some options can be turned on and off if no one wants certain jobs for certain mobs)

-Mob creator should be able to make and set jobs using "Job Slots" that are applied to the tamed mobs GUI. (This is so you can change the mob's job in-game)

-Mod creators should have the ability to add certain jobs and set a certain amount of "Job Slots". Mod Creator should also be able to add their own custom code for custom jobs if they want things beyond the default jobs available. 

-No more making separate "tamed" and "untamed" versions of mobs. Mob Creators should be able to make tame and untamed procedure mode switching within one Mob if possible. In the past, I had to make a tame and non-tamed version of one mob and I found this to be quite annoying. It takes up a lot of space, especially if you have more than one mob you plan on making tamed. So combining this should solve that issue and keep things organized.

-Mob GUI. A special GUI that only special tamed mobs and merchant mobs can be assigned to. Mimics players inventory with optional Armor slots, weapon and shield slot, and food/item bonus slot (For consumption for food or item "payment") Should be customizable.

-Talking mobs! Mobs can speak through the player chat if you program them to say something during certain triggers (Example: Right Clicking a mob and they say "hello" to you in-game) Can do multiple randomized lines of text the mod creator enters.

-Sitting Option (Similar to Wolf, you can make 2 poses for your model you are using, one normal, and one where the model is sitting, can be customizable, should be able to load in custom 3d models, Custom commands to trigger if the mob should sit. (R+Click or L+Click, Or while holding a certain object with a procedure assigned)

-Set custom name HUD for Tamable Mob (HUD appears above mobs head, the player can change mobs name anytime similar to a less strict version of nametags. HUD will only appear after the mob is tamed and player gives it a custom name. Ability to adjust HUD height in case mob is too tall or too short and the HUD does not place correctly. May use models hitbox to determine HUD placement)

-Being able to set multiple skin textures for mob model, randomized when they spawn (Like how horses and cats come in different colors in vanilla MC)

-Custom Collar Colors (For Collars, or selected part of the model. Better for Animal Mobs. Colors can switch with dye)

-Set mob to eat things it finds in the world (Grass/DroppedFoodItems/Cake/Custom)

-Set Mob to pick up items and store in their Inventory/GUI

-Set Mob to follow owner until death

-Option to have mob Re-Spawn after dying

-Option to have entity be able to use lead (leash)

-Optional mob can be killed by the player (Should have on and off button) Or not killable by player

-Tamable Mobs can Breed (Available only for tamable entities section, tamable mobs should be allowed to breed unlike in current versions of mcreator despite their AI and what other buttons you select)

-Villager AI options (Farming/Merchant)

-FlyingCreature/WaterCreature/ECT AI Options

-1.15.2+ new mob AI features available to be assigned (Like Rabbit AI if you want the mob to bounce, Dolfin for a mermaid-like mob for swimming, etc)

-Better animation options for mobs in general GECKLib Updatate/Compatibality would be nice to have or something similar

-Custom animations you can make within Mcreator for all mob types (Animate parts easily, set premade animations or load in your own custom ones, and see how they look on your model before opening a test game. Maybe have it so you can import and export animations and share with others)

I've waited a year for this program to update and I am a little disappointed that no one is focusing on the mobs more. Sorry if this list is a bit ambitious, this software really is my go to for a current big project I am working on, and I would like to see these be implamented in some way. If anyone has thought of similar features in this list let me know in the comments section, I want to know what the community thinks! Thank you for your time, I hope that features similar to the above will be added in the future!

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I support this either in…
Fri, 11/27/2020 - 07:44

I support this either in Mcreator or McToolkit