Neverdark Survival Guide

Started by FanelLore on Thu, 11/12/2020 - 01:26

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Neverdark Survival Guide
Thu, 11/12/2020 - 01:26


Welcome to Neverdark's survival guide, a place where you can collect tips to survival inside the dimension. This will also include basics of how to get to the dimension.

The first thing you will need to know while traveling throughout the world starting out, is you can find a few new ores deep underground in the overworld. These ores include beryllium, runic crystal ore, and prismatic crystal ore. Beryllium can be crafted into tools, and is also required to craft the portal igniter to the dimension as well (in this case, 1 beryllium nugget is required). Runic crystals are used to craft runestones, which can be crafted into the Neverdark portal block along with a coal block and some depth stone (depth stone is also deep underground in both dimensions). Finally, prismatic crystals can be crafted into the portal igniter as well. You will only need one, but save the rest if you find more than one, as it can be crafted into several other things.

Here's an additional wiki to learn more about most of the other stuff:


Let us start!

Now, you will need to enter the dimension to start your adventure. Do this by simply standing inside the portal (similarly to a nether portal). One you enter, there are many options you can take. However, it all depends on the biome you enter in. Here's a brief guide of survival if you enter each biome. 

  • If you enter in a Midnight Plains - Entering the midnight plains is difficult because it is so dark there. However, use the night rock spires to your advantage to help navigate. There is no source of wood or other required materials here, so you should push on and try to find another biome. If you entered with a pickaxe, try mining some of the night rock, since it can be a nice source of light, along with it's use for decoration. 
  • If you enter in a Shadow Marsh - Shadow marshes are great for starting out, since it provides all of the woods that you need, along with a surplus of food. Cragwood and lumina wood grow here, so make the best of it. Shadow marshes can be the home of shrines, however, which spawn quite deadly aberration hostiles that will almost certainly kill you if you did not come prepared.
  • If you enter in a Shadow Forest - Shadow forests are quite similar to shadow marshes, except that they contain Witchwood trees and huge mushrooms. They can also spawn shrines as well, so you better be careful. The witchwood is the strongest wood in the dimension so far, so make good use of crafting great tools with it!
  • If you enter in a Dark Lakes - Dark lakes are definitely not useful. If you've ever spawned in a brand new Minecraft world and you spawned in the middle of an ocean, here we go again. If you happen to enter a Dark Lakes, try to go to somewhere more useful. (I'm not kidding, Dark Lakes are planned to be very dangerous places to spawn in, but not yet.)
  • If you enter a Shaded Rift - Shaded rift biomes are great for starting out, since they have some of your classic vanilla trees in them. This is how you craft vanilla tools (by using the oak sticks), so it's pretty good for starting out.
  • If you enter a Crimson Forest - Crimson forests are good for food as well as wood, but the food isn't great (i.e. it gives major hunger) and the wood is not as good as some others. If you happen to enter a Crimson Forest, just head out. However, before you do, grab some of that hanging glowstone!
  • If you enter a Mysteria Forest - Mysteria forests are similar to Crimson Forests in how useful they are. 


It's dangerous to meddle with aberrations starting out :D