[Mod Dependency] MMP Unique User IDs

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[Mod Dependency] MMP Unique User IDs
Fri, 01/15/2021 - 20:38 (edited)

About The Modification

This is a tool for MCreator mod creators. The modification generates random, joining, and name variables for every new player that joins the world. The variable is then passed to an entity NBT variable that can then be used in other mods to be stored, read, test, or changed.

For example, you can use this mod to store the variable to a block when the block is placed by the player, then you can use the stored block NBT tag and compare if its the same player that is right-clicking on the mod, if true then you can open an inventory or GUI.

This mod is dynamic on how it can be used, and it works with other mods and is designed mainly to allow an easy way for more than one mod to know who the player is, without needing to code it in for every mod, they make.

If you are an MCreator mod developer and want to test this modification out I have a GitHub project page with both the client and developer mod jars that can be used for your mod. There is also a tutorial on how to set up your modification and a list of variables that can be used on this page below.

Tutorial For Mod Developers


Downloads for Clients and Developers


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