Music Procedures! (Also one time and event procedures)

Started by ItsSnowingSome… on Tue, 01/19/2021 - 18:54

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Music Procedures! (Also one time and event procedures)
Wed, 01/20/2021 - 21:12 (edited)

I understand minecraft has many limitations (Plus, it may be too late to ask), but, I was wondering if it was possible to add more procedures for music, such as stopping current music (even vanilla) then playing your own? (Also be cool to be able to change the radius, but, I maybe still a bit too new to this). However, I was thinking about procedures like:

(v Would probably only work with sound files of the Music type)

-Stop currently playing of type:(music, record, block..){Or some sort of stop sound in general that stop vanilla sounds as well}

-Play (sound file) client side

-Get (currently playing sound file) of type:

-Get (currently playing sound file) (name)

-Is (sound file) playing?

-Get (currently playing sound file) length 

-Get/Set (currently playing sound file) pitch

-Get/Set (currently playing sound file) level

-Fade in/out (currently playing sound file) {This may be really difficult to add}

-Repeat/Loop (sound file) 


(And yes, I know some of those are the same)


Additional procedures {That may already be in Mcreator in some way}

-One time procedures {Only called once and never again}

-Event procedures {triggered by flags being activated} {Ex. Defeating a boss, or mining an ore. Like achievements but invisible?}


(Also be cool if biome music could be added (I think it's possible because of the change of music near oceans, but, I'm probably wrong))


(Lastly I'm no coder, but, I understand these might either be too hard to implement or impossible. but, it'd be greatly useful in providing atmosphere)


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