How to make old archived Mcreator versions work again

Started by Yourtoslowhaha on Thu, 02/11/2021 - 17:50

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How to make old archived Mcreator versions work again
Thu, 02/11/2021 - 18:04 (edited)

Well, unfortunately old minecraft versions are no longer officially supported by Forge, thus Mcreator too. That might be due to important changes in the way Java works, like SRC being replaced by MDK. There's a very famous archive of the old Mcreator versions, but after a update in the java links most of them are broken with a BUILD FAILED due to https\://

The way to fix yours is to execute your mcreator. After the forge folders are made, you can close it. Now go to gradle\wrapper in the folder and open the .properties archive with the notepad, in this case I used Notepad++ just to be safe, and change the distribution url link of the version 2.0(maybe even another url depending on how ancient the version of Minecraft you are playing is) and change it to https\://

There we go, I need to thank a LOT TrulyTails in MrCrayFish's  amazing video in how to make a minecraft mod using Java Developer Tools and Eclipse , u/beertoshotgun and u/Y0nyc. Without TrulyTails i would not have though about testing this into Mcreator's forge, without beertoshotgun TrulyTails maybe would not have known how to fix this issue and without Y0nyc beertoshotgun would not have responded, well, Y0nyc.

Here is TrulyTails comment

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