Ideas for mcreator

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Ideas for mcreator

1 ideas 

If Don't know how do with procedure and want that want you can choose options what want correct it as an object and will tell you want you from the item and block or dimension or tools 

2 ideas  

If don't what want what pictures of the mode that make it automatic show how look like model and make correct way you want make 

3 ideas 

If have problems with x y z it will automatically show pictures of what you make it right Direction

4 ideas  

If don't know have wrong way made it automatically fix for then give errors on you mods 

5 ideas 

If want post you mod on mcreator website and you don't know what resolutions and websites if this resolution on the HD you pick up the pictures 

6 ideas  

If want know about the Minecraft forge version and already new you choose the version to update about and code will fix automatically it the software that no need to download the version of mcreator 

7 ideas 

If want new versions of mcreator or in snapshot and can not install for some reason it options to do on the software and automatically update for you 

8 ideas 

If want you mods more show of download it show on mcreator how much people download you mods so can how good you are 

9 ideas 

If problem with procedures and you don't know how want it will show good examples how want like maybe video or gif options 

10 ideas 

If want to achievement I don't know what it means and how to place it it it will show you example what to do that's also giving you the option from z y x that Direction

11 ideas 

If want  to get more information about mod and you don't know you are allow make videos and show on website then pictures if want tell and don't know what to say about in text  

12 ideas 

If don't want work on the mod that you made and want removed from your website in mcreator you can but use network linking of mod that made to have options to delete for only in 30 days  will take  

13 ideas 

If have problems with code how you want it and don't know text it will show multiple times options to have if new code made will automatically save on the software and will go with new mcreator and other mods you made 

14 ideas 

If want multiple takes options of procedure will you more in place in same but will new general and changed the code in mods that show for to have options on same name by the character 

15 ideas 

If have problems with network or leggy problems on software will tell you what is wrong in you mod automatically shut down where problems show up 

16 ideas 

If don't know about Java code and error and people will help you for some reasons it will tell you the name of object error code there you can fix by choosing more options 

17 ideas 

If have problems with color blind it show you options of the name of block or item and will only work if hold your mouse over it then will tell you 

18 ideas 

If have problems with math problems and you are not good it show you the simple steps how to do it 

19 ideas 

If have motor of 4k HD with resolutions of 3840 x 2180 even higher than that it will show mcreator to fix resolutions in software and will how automatically scaling of words and text to see clearly of what you have motor pc 

20 ideas 

If want mcreator on phone app and make Minecraft mod for bedrock or Java it will show you example of how can do it and you can do same thing only different 

21 ideas 

If account is hacked and you more safe locked you account you use simple app on your phone to lock by your email and you on email code number sent but want safety the use phone number to lock and get message from the website self and it will work on your phone number