Overlay Conditions

Started by KoolKats1 on Wed, 02/24/2021 - 19:05

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Overlay Conditions
Wed, 02/24/2021 - 19:07 (edited)

Hello! I have been making a thirst bar overlay with the 2020.5 MCreator. I have a playerlifetime variable that decreases about 0.005 every player tick (as a way to space out the decreases) and I have it so that when the variable is less than 0, it decreases player health the same way. That all works fine. 

The issue I am having is using the condition for the thirst bar overlay. I set up 10 individual water drop images that are supposed to go away as thirst decreases, but I cannot get the conditions to work. 

I currently have a condition for each image that looks a little like below. I have tried a bunch of different options but I dont know why this one doesnt work. I have also looked everywhere else for a tutorial (including the youtube) but I still havent been able to fix it. Essentially I just want the image to not be displayed if the variable is less than the corresponding number. Thank you!


Procedure Using return & Condition


Procedure for thirst decline and player health decline
Procedure for thirst decline and health decline


Here is my overlay format as well


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