GUI slot bug

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GUI slot bug

I'm having a big trouble with the items in the GUI. I was trying to make a block that takes an item and fills it's own tank with a specified amount of fluid. I used the furnace template and only replaced the part on the "if" condition to one "or" block with the blocks checking for fluid amount and checking for item in slot 0 on it and instead of the block that consumes the second item I made one that fills fluid to the tank (lava) and another one that sets a bucket in the slot 0. After I started testing it whenever I put a bucket into the slot the lava didn't fill in and the bucket of lava became invisible and could be taken if the GUI stays opened (if closed the bucket dissapears and that's it). I also tried using hoppers and it worked, nut I got infinite lava in the block and the buckets could be taken endlessly. Even though with the regular furnace template that I used for other blocks everything worked perfectly. I don't know what to to. I guess I've posted this issue already but it was simply ignored with no obvious answers being given as usual.