More Biome Customization Options

Started by Khmer on Sun, 04/25/2021 - 23:47

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More Biome Customization Options
Sun, 04/25/2021 - 23:47

   Hello everyone! I really like where the first 2021 update has taken biome creation. However, it could still use some improvement. Here are some of my biome customization ideas for future updates!

1. More Tree Options: Though the tree options were reworked a bit in 2021.1, it is still admittedly a little lack-luster. It's got some good options, but it isn't great. I have three ideas for tree options. First, I would like to be able to select more tree types. All we have right now is "Default," "Big Trees," "Birch Trees," "Savanna Trees," "Mega Pine Trees," and "Mega Spruce Trees." I would like to see something more like "Oak Tree," "Dark Oak Tree," "Birch Tree," "Acacia Tree," "Spruce Tree," "Jungle Tree," and maybe "Crimson Stem" and "Warped Stem." Second, there NEEDS to be an option for multiple tree types. For example, jungles have jungle and oak trees, and some forests have oak and birch trees. Last, an "Import Structure" option would be nice for even more customization. I know that you can already make biome-restricted structures, but they tend to just sort of oddly float around. What I'm talking about is a system where you can make multiple variations for one tree and have it generate like an actual tree would in your biome. And of course, you can make multiple custom tree types for each biome if you wish.

2. More "Biome Default Features": In the "Features" tab, there is a bar at the bottom labeled "biome default features" where you can choose things that would generate in other biomes to generate in your biome. This isn't a big complaint of mine, but I would like to see some more features such as "jungle bushes (one block tall trees)" or "extra ore" options for all ores in the game.

3. "Fog" Tab: I would really like it if there was a new "Fog" tab that gave you some options for how you want fog to render in your biome. Some examples of these options would be "Enable Fog," "Fog Color," and "Fog Distance," where a value of 1 (minimum) sets the fog one chunk away from the player, and a value of 12 (maximum) sets the fog twelve chunks away from the player.

4. Small Suggestions: These are less of true feature ideas and more of just small suggestions for convenience sake. First, a smoother sky color transition between biomes would be nice. Second, a "While in Biome" option where you can select a procedure that activates whenever an entity/player is in the biome. I know that you can already do this with triggers in the procedure creator, but this would make it slightly quicker and convenient. Last, please give us the ability to select which types of flowers (more than one type if desired) can generate in our biome.

   These are some ideas that I feel would make the custom biome creator a bit better. If anyone has their own ideas, post them in the comments and I might add them to the thread. That's all for now. Have a fantastic day everyone! :D

1. I already plan to improve…
Mon, 04/26/2021 - 02:41

1. I already plan to improve a lot custom trees in MCreator, maybe by moving them into a new mod element. I don't know when I will do it, but I will do it one day, maybe in 2021.2.

2. You can already do that with plugins.

3. Minecraft does not support a better fog option in biomes currently.

4. None of them are possible.