[2021.1] How do I fix this texture bug?

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[2021.1] How do I fix this texture bug?
Wed, 05/05/2021 - 23:41 (edited)

Unsure how I got this to happen, but if anyone can explain where I messed up on, would be greatly appreciated.

Model is messing up on the texture when I load up the game, but not in the Editor. Here are images to explain it better.

TabulaIn Game

EDIT: Messing around I discovered that it is not the texture, or the model itself. Something in the render is messing up in my assumption.
EDIT 2: All of the models I do, even the base Biped models do this. Any idea on what is causing this weird texture bug? It is only happening to the head itself.
EDIT 3: Google and searching on her has not wielded any fixes, so would really appreciate it if someone had a fix.
EDIT 4: Fixed the issue, somehow the texture map got messed up when the texture itself was still good.

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