bug report Set item off-hand or slot 40

Started by FlameGlares on Sun, 05/16/2021 - 20:59

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bug report Set item off-hand or slot 40
Sun, 05/16/2021 - 20:59

I think this is a bug from MCreator.

I'm creating a kind of boomerang (Truly, this is like the insect from Kinsect Glaive from Monster Hunter), if I throw it, I can make it come back, but I need it to be with the secondary hand.

The problem is that if you do a "set item off-hand" or "set item slot 40", it works if it hits a block but it doesn't work if it hits a living entity.

With the main hand or with any other slot if it works even when hitting an entity, but with the secondary-hand / slot-40 it does not.

Example with Off- hand (same as slot40) https://youtu.be/78QxpHANgzM

Example with another random slot https://youtu.be/B1dsUJko0Jo


In short, you cannot place an item in your secondary hand when hitting a living entity with a bullet.
In other words, you cannot recover a boomerang in your secondary hand if it hits a living entity, but you can if it hits an inanimate block.

I emphasize, the problem is with the secondary hand, with any other slot it works (even with those with armor lol)


PD: Sorry for the wording, I'm not an English speaker