Problems with color name in procedure

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Problems with color name in procedure

So I'm working on a mod that when you open a specific gui it gives you an item with a color name, I'm not much of a modder, but this is the first big mod I'm working on so I want to get it right, any help?

My blocks are:
No additional trigger
Set X [item] in slot Y of currently open gui of [event/target entity]
Set display name of {Get item from slot Y of currently open gui of [event/target entity]] to {"§e:Name of item here:"]

X and Y are variables
It puts the item in it but doesn't change the name, Idk why but that's kinda sad

For activating the procedure I do:
While this gui is open tick:

Any help is greatly requested I'm doing this for me and some friends, they're really hopeful