Mod posting has a problem

Started by Alm on Fri, 05/27/2022 - 12:45

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Mod posting has a problem
Fri, 05/27/2022 - 12:45

Every day I check there is at least one spam mod in the recent mods section. Right now it's called "Purple Diamond" and it isn't even a mod. it's just a post that spams unloaded imagery and the download is 4kB, I downloaded it to check if it was a link to CF but no, it's just recolored textures of diamond tools.

I think we, as a community, need to be able to help to stop these spam mods, at least by adding a report button. Or maybe add some prerequisites, like they should have at least a week old account, maybe that could slow down those spam posts.


Just a suggestion, because there are lots of good new mods that should be taking those places instead of random spam posts.

We have removed said mod. We…
Fri, 05/27/2022 - 18:28

We have removed said mod.

We also have report button in plan, but still need to do some more coding to make it work right :)