Ragnarok Mod (The Hand of God Mod: Legacy)

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Ragnarok Mod (The Hand of God Mod: Legacy)
Sat, 08/27/2022 - 19:46 (edited)


Ragnarok mod 1.18.2  (The Hand of God Mod 1.7.10 Legacy)

In this forum topic I will write the main ideas, categories and additional information about the mod which is in progress. This is an adapted version of an idea that I got, which had a lot of support but ended up being an unrealeased project (https://mcreator.net/forum/43534/hand-god-mod).


Create gods using spirits and perform sacrifices; an alternative for obtaining resources.

This mod consists of bringing mythical beings from different mythologies (although 8 are the main ones) which will be used to make offerings and receive blessings in the form of resources. The main mythologies are Japanese, Chinese, Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, Greek, Mayan and Hindu. Each of them has its respective ore, tools, decorative blocks and gods. For this mod I took as inspiration certain references from videogames like Pokemon (for the name of the elements of the spirits), Smite, Myths and Legends TCG, Age of Mythology, Megami Tensei, Valheim and animes like Record Ragnarok and Vinland Saga. The main mechanic is similar to the bees in the Forestry mod (which is not yet available for version 1.18.2), that is, naturally generated materials that must be obtained with a specific tool in order to create sustainable farms of basic resources through merges, but in an easier and more sustainable way.

Ores Title

All of them are found in the underground of any biome, under a certain depth and with a variable rarity.

The name of the ores comes from the underworld of each mythology, I have decided to choose this pattern since the ores are under the earth just like them. The ores are: Yomite (from Japonese culture), Annwnite (from Celtic culture), Duatite (from Egyptian culture), Xibalbaite (from Mayan culture), Diyuite (from Chinese culture), Hadesite (from Greek culture), Narakasite (from Hindu culture) and Helheimite (from Nordic culture)

In-game Screenshots (Sorted by depth level and rarity):

Ores Image

Decorative Blocks Title

Even if it seems like quite a number of ores, each of them has a constant use, which can be used in weapons, decorative blocks, and as the main material for offerings. Each of these weapons are found to be higher in quality than iron but lower than diamond, and their usefulness varies in number of uses depending on the rarity of the ore. This does not affect the natural progress of Minecraft, allowing the iron to be used for other functions, such as armor, tools or items from other mods.

In-game Screenshots (Each weapon and decorative block are placed on top of the respective mythology and ore it uses):

Decorative Blocks Image

Spirit Boxes Title

One of the main issues about version 1.18.2 is the amount of performance used by the new world generation. In order to implement ideas in the most optimized way possible, the mod does not include any mob. In this way, the essential resources for the creation of gods are generated naturally through boxes: The arid box (containing Flame, Sand and War spirits - found near the surface of dry biomes), the deep box (containing Sea, Mental and Wyvern spirits - found near the surface of biomes with bodies of water), the possessed box (containing Toxic, Undead and Shadow spirits - found near the surface of dark biomes), the steep box (containing Cold, Wind and Thunder spirits - found near the surface of snowy biomes), the underground box (containing Hero, Ore and Stone spirits - found near the surface of any biome with rocky areas) and the wild box (containing Insect, Plant and Pixie spirits - found near the surface of most biomes with grassy areas). The boxes must be opened using the right click with the "Grimoire" tool to drop the spirits, otherwise, it will only drop its block. After being released with the respective tool they can be destroyed to free the spirits and start with the production of miniature gods.



Once the respective spirits have been released using the grimoire that works as the main resource for the other two most important blocks of the mod, you can start creating gods through specific spirits.

The 3 blocks

The sacrificial stone is used with the right click on it, using different spirits we can create gods following patterns of specific spirits (those that will be specified below in the recipes).


Once the god has been successfully made, we can right-click on the archaic table, which will allow us to make tributes and if the correct one (from the corresponding mythology) is used, we will be able to obtain resources constantly, since through this action the god it is not consumed and the process can be repeated as many times as you are willing or able to pay.


Each god offers its own resource as well as each god is created with different combinations of spirits. Gotta catch em all! (The gods in the image do not reveal the current amount, only those made at the creation of this topic are found).



This mod is expected to be played with the integration of Just Enough Items or any of its variations for any crafting done on the conventional workbench. The recipes and results for the archaic table and the sacrificial stone (the spirits will always be in alphabetical order to make a sacrifice, so you can try to make any combination you want!) will be found in this category:




Mod official showcase video (ENGLISH VERSION): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELVLtEU4aAE

Mod official showcase video (SPANISH VERSION): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCGSIBcQ7VY

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