The Hand of God Mod

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The Hand of God Mod
Mon, 08/27/2018 - 01:49 (edited)


The Hand of God Mod (THOGM)

Bored of how little the history of our cultures in minecraft has been taken advantage of?


In this topic I will write the main ideas, categories and additional information about the mod that is in progress.


Mod Summary


Add new items, mobs, bosses, biomes, recipes and more with THOGM.

The mod consist to bring spiritual beings of different religions (8 are the main ones) with which we must live and conquer to maintain peace in the world of Minecraft. The 8 main cultures are Japanese, Chinese, Celtic, Nordic, Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Mayan and Hindu. Each one will have their respective ores, bosses, enemies, tools and more exclusive things. The idea comes from an independent game in which I was thinking about, but I decided to test the mechanics in this mod. Also other references that I have taken to start the mod come from Monster Hunter, Smite, Myths and legends (a card game), Terraria, The binding of isaac saga and Age of mythology. This mod is also inspired of ''Hyakki Yako'' or ''Night Parade of One Hundred Demons''.

Actually only working for 1.7.10.



►God killer weapons from mythology to kill them​​

A system where you get rewards from the good gods for beating the bad ones.

►The necronomicon (the fusion of each grimoire) and one dimension with gods.


The Ores


All are found in the underground of any biome, under a certain depth and with a variable rarity.

The name of the ores comes from the underworld of each religion, I have decided to choose them as the names of the ores since they are under the earth just like them. The ores are: Yomite (from Japonese culture), Annwnite (from Celtic culture), Duatite (from Egyptian culture), Xibalbaite (from Mayan culture), Diyuite (from Chinese culture), Hadesite (from Greco-Roman culture), Narakasite (from Hindu culture) and Helheimite (from Nordic culture)

Here is a screenshots with the textures of the ores, including armors:



ORES RARITY (It is ordered by the antiquity of the culture, the more years of its existence it has, the more rare and valuable it will be):




All armor with their weapons:






To progress within the mod, grimoires must be crafted in order to collect all the information of each culture (so it is mandatory to find and kill each new entity) in order to obtain the almighty necronomicon, which will take us to a dimension exclusive of gods. Each grimoire is composed of six exclusive objects dropped by each creature, the grimoires vary in color depending on culture, pink for Japanese, red for Chinese, blue for Celtic, yellow for Egyptian, green for Maya, purple for grecoromana, cyan for the hindu and black for the nordic (the respective color equally for the ores). The crafts are the following:






To see how to get each item you should go to the section called ''The Mobs'' in which the drop of each mob is specified.


The Mobs


I have not thought about what I'll do with the mobs, but I plan to add 5 creatures / enemies for each culture and one boss (this at least in the first version I'll release). There are some problems when trying to follow this pattern because in cultures like the Japanese, there are a great variety of creatures (+200) but in others like the Egyptian the great majority are gods, which I have planned as bosses. Here I would want some recommendation, since I am only occupying bipedal designs (I tried to use Techne but it doesn't work for me). At the moment the creatures that I have thought for each culture are:

Japanese (Already programmed):



•Daidarabotchi drops: Strange Rock

•Kappa drops: Kappa Shell

•Kodama drops: Tree Fruit

•Noppera-bo drops: Ghostly Dress

•Aoandon drops: Charm

•Amaterasu drops: Ichor


Chinese (Already programmed):




•Vermilion Bird drops: Vermilion Wing

•Azure Dragon drops: Azure Dust

•White Tiger drops: White Blood

•Black Turtle drops: Black Fluid

•Sun Wukong drops: Ancestral Scrolls

•Nu wa drops: Ichor


Celtic (Already programmed):




•Puka drops: Puka Meat

•Afanc drops: Afanc Eye

•Merrow drops: Merrow Tear

•Dearg-due drops: Vampire Fang

•Dullahan drops: Dullahan Cape

•Morrigan drops: Ichor


Egyptian (Already programmed):




•Bennu drops: Bennu Egg

•Griffin drops: Griffin Feather

•Abtu drops: Abtu Gem

•Apophis drops: Apophis Venom

•Mummy drops: Cleopatra Crown

•Anubis drops: Ichor


Mayan (Already programmed):




•Uukum Soots drops: Bat Wing

•Bofos drops: Old Clothes

•Kakasbal drops: Skull Ring

•Balam drops: Crops

•Tucumbalam drops: Sun Charm

•Amaterasu drops: Ichor


Greco-Roman (Already programmed):




•Minotaur drops: Minotaur Meat

•Cyclops drops: Cyclops Eye

•Satyr drops: Grapes

•Harpy drops: Stolen Jewel

•Lamia drops: Medusa Banner

•Zeus drops: Ichor


Hindu (Already programmed):




•Rakshasa drops: Gauntlet

•Bhuta drops: Ectoplasm

•Vetala drops: Ghost Essence

•Apsaras drops: Harp

•Naga drops: Snake Skin

•Vishu drops: Ichor


Nordic (Already programmed):




•Draugr drops: Ice Bracelet

•Half-elf drops: Magical Elixir

•Ratatoskr drops: Yggdrasil Leaf

•Troll drops: Troll Gold

•Dwarf drops: Big Mushroom

•Odin drops: Ichor


The Runes Protectors (Already programmed):




Each one represents a different culture, it will be necessary to craft the necklace of runes and later the necronomicon. They are stronger than the rest of mobs.




Axis mundi is the place where the kingdom of the gods and that of humans converge, but what happens if all the gods are locked in the same dimension?

The Ragnarök has started!

It is an exclusive dimension of gods, all cultures have 4 representatives and is considered the endgame of the mod, after having the trophies of all the gods, it is considered that you have finished the mod. The gods within this dimension possess high damage and life. The portal is composed of fourteen ''Axis Mundi Blocks'' and can only be opened with the necronomicon.















None at the moment.




Remember that if you want to collaborate you can do it by answering the following questions, your preference and how you think it would be more fun:

1.-Should I add 5 mobs per culture at the moment or decrease the amount?

2.-Assuming that adding new biomes would generate more bugs, should I risk creating more or leaving the ones that are already there?

3.-Should I prioritize the amount of gods (bosses) before small enemies?

4.-Should I create an order (order of hardness, such as stone pierces iron, iron pierces diamond, etc) for the ores added in the mod? Or should I keep them all with the same hardness? If is it, should they be more powerful than the diamond or less?




None at the moment.




Because the mod is not finished yet (it is at a very early stage) you can cooperate with your ideas in the comments and wait me for upload a version soon.

Actually only working for 1.7.10.

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I can't wait its release! :D
Wed, 08/01/2018 - 10:22

I can't wait its release! :D

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Looks awesome! Though if you…
Wed, 07/10/2019 - 07:38

Looks awesome! Though if you could add Poseidon that'd be great. I will get it when you release it.

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can you add the trident as…
Sun, 09/15/2019 - 16:55

can you add the trident as well as Poseidon armor that gives you buff?


can you make the trident look exactly like in 1.13??????


also those greek gods


hermes,poseidon,demeter, hercules etc

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Holy this looks fantastic,…
Mon, 09/16/2019 - 02:18

Holy this looks fantastic, like really offical looking, nice job!

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also can you add the drowned…
Mon, 09/16/2019 - 06:09

also can you add the drowned???

from 1.13 by means???

plsss my game crashes in 1.13 and I am stuck on this version(1.7.10)

also can you add the trident effect like dashing round and round???


thank you

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What did you make the images…
Sun, 01/26/2020 - 19:47

What did you make the images on? There amazing! :D