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Started by yanns on Fri, 09/02/2022 - 22:12

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Participate to my project
Sat, 09/03/2022 - 01:49 (edited)

 I am making a mod that adds multiple jobs with several features related to them  ,spells and competencies 

These are some features related to jobs or gui's

that i intend to add soon :


nano pickaxe

Biome and dimension and structures

Mirror that dupli (totem animation) restriction 

cobble breaker 

Spawner collector (hunter )

Crushing hammer



Exploding bow enchant

Cooper structures 


Lucky pass (ajuste )

Ore detectory with copper 

Magnet with copper

Add smelt in pickaxe level all 10 (silk touch)

Mention job name in notification 

Change xp miner numbers

Void stone slot requirement 

Fast furnace

Furnace command level 10

New jop gui and xp showing 

Berserker fury enchantement (do crtical atk ) 5s recharging 

Ore excavation 

Spell luminous 

Shift spells configuration+ other spell config 

Test inventory conservation 

3 New chest with special effects 

Compressed metals for crafts

Exchange system gui

Inventory see for admins

Xp = speed spell

Totem of preserving 

Torch spell ( useless)

But am struggling with the texture of the gui's that is why i need help .

If you are good at texturing guis ( items and block that okey too ) 

Add me on discord 



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