[Tutorial] How to use Entity Model JSON

Started by GamesofFreak on Wed, 11/02/2022 - 14:01

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[Tutorial] How to use Entity Model JSON
Wed, 11/02/2022 - 15:16 (edited)


First of all, this Tutorial will show you how to use Entity Model JSON to replace Vanilla Models, but you can also use this to make your own modded Entities but is far more complicated and I will not explaining this.


Before we can make our Model or convert an existing Model we need to install:

  1. Blockbench Plugin [Download] Note: Download it by saving the link.
  2. MCreator Plugin/API [Download]

To install the Blockbench Plugin open Blockbench and go to File > Plugins... > Load Plugin from File

After you installed both Plugins then you can start making an Model or converting the Model.

Converting a Model:

To convert a Model open the Model or Project you want to convert in Blockbench and go to File > Convert Project > Java Entity Model JSON.

You can convert any Model, that includes Optifine Models. But remember that replacing some Vanilla Models that have an placeable Skull/Head like Zombie or Skeleton you need to use the default Texture Size of it to show the Skull/Head properly.

Register the Model:

Now that we have an Model save both the Model and the Texture for the Model. The Model need to be placed into an specific Folder.

First we need to create inside your MCreator Workspace under Resources the following Folder Structure:

Resources (Gradle) > assets > minecraft > models > entity

Inside the entity Folder we need to create the specific Folder that you can check in this List.

Example if you want to replace the Zombie, Skeleton or Wither Skeleton Model you need to create inside the entity Folder the Folder main.

The Texture Location is the same if you want to replace the Vanilla Entity Textures just like an normal Texture Pack.

If you need help just ask in this Thread! Also I will make an Video Tutorial for better explanation.

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