[TUTORIAL] How to add custom Create Mod Recipes

Started by Ethan07 on Tue, 01/31/2023 - 18:48

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[TUTORIAL] How to add custom Create Mod Recipes
Sun, 02/12/2023 - 16:30 (edited)

I spent a while figuring this out myself and figured it would be nice to share what i did and how i did it

The create mod uses .json recipes so adding custom create mod recipes are easier than it sounds.

Step 1:

find and copy a pre exising recipe from the create mod's github page, make sure its the type of recipe you want (eg milling, mixng, pressing, ect)



Step 2:

Create a recipe in mcreator, (make it anything as it really doesn't matter) and then lock the recipe element


Step 3:

Enter the code of the locked recipe and remove everything inside it; after that you can place the recipe you copied from step 1.

like so:



Step 4:

Replace the item IDs of the inputs and outputs to whatever you need (eg modname:custom_element, or minecraft:itemname)

Like so:



After all of that, the recipe should work fine! I hope this helps people trying to make some Create Addons or people trying to add some compatability to their mods as i did.

Other notes:

  • you can make the recipe require tags by replacing the "item": snippet into "tag":
  • some recipes such as milling have an extra line of code like "processingTime": This is measured in ticks and is how long the milling will take
  • Milling recipes also work with crushing wheels and there is no way to make a recipe exclusive to the crushing wheel (as far as im aware)
  • If making a recipe that results in multiple of the final result (eg mixing one dirt block makes 2 diamonds), make sure to copy a recipe that has a similar layout.
  • shaped crafting is easier to understand than it may look

You do not need to copy from the github page, but i find it much easier than attempting to memorise every .json layout

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