I know something about mcreator tutorial

Started by herobrine43 on Sun, 03/19/2023 - 03:07

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I know something about mcreator tutorial
Sun, 03/19/2023 - 03:07

For old mcreator there lot of video in English only in tuorial but not from the new versions. 

Like on this list 

Mcreator 2020 english dub lot more 

mcreator 2021.1 English dub just lot 

Mcreator 2022.1 english half other language more 

Mcreator 2022.3 English half other language lot more 

Mcreator 2023.1 other language no english 

Mcreator 2023.2 other language much more no english 

I think that people show more explaining in the video about the software what you can do more not just talking about item or blocks or biomes or even dimension but much more you can do want the options are are not the same as old version but you have to think about new things what I can do and what you can learn from new stuff want if look on youtube and people use 4k it hard see what the topic is about but this is my opinion plus i see mcreator more children more being used and that YouTube change the video in children so some people cannot see the different about it even if you don't understand me but look at you old video and you don't get any money from your video but then you have use patreon so yout get money from it the video you want support on the topic after all everything has been changed with the copyright or DMCA